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Postnatal Package Gift Card (x6 Home Visits)

Postnatal Package Gift Card (x6 Home Visits)

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Postnatal package with My Private Midwife. 

This package provides you with postnatal care within the first 4 weeks following your labour. Your midwives Odette and Nadia will be on hand to give you advice and support during home visits whilst you are recovering. Care is individualised to meet your personal needs and can supplement current NHS care or replace it.

Includes 6 home visits. During visits, we can discuss a variety of topics including recovery post-birth, nutrition, feeding techniques, and baby development. We also carry out essential postnatal mother and baby checks including baby weights, jaundice monitoring, and monitoring the health and development of your baby. We can also perform newborn blood spot screening which screens for genetic, metabolic and developmental disorders in new-born babies.

Discover more at:  https://www.myprivatemidwife.co.uk

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Gently washes your perineum without the use of tissue paper which can cause additional pain and irritation

Prevents the need to apply pressure to your perineum when wiping which is particularly valuable if you've had a tear or stitches

Designed to be used upside down for those difficult to reach sensitive areas

Collapsible /extendable neck with travel bag which also provides extra discretion

Soft touch bottle designed for minimal pressure when squeezing

Hospital birth bag essential item to pack


Fill bottle with fresh water (can be warm or cold to suit your preference)

Ensure screw cap is secured tightly, then extend neck firmly to avoid any leaks

Whilst sat on the toilet, place the bottle upside between your legs and direct the nozzle towards desired area

Squeeze the bottle and repeat as required to clean the area

After each use, drain water, dissemble and clean in warm soapy water

Allow the bottle to dry before storing


Our portable peri spritz bottle holds 300 ml of water.

Midwife Tip

'For soothing affect, add Mummy's Organics perineal Sprits to your Post birth Peri Spritz bottle and keep cool in the fridge.'


Co-Founder & Midwife


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