Perineal Massage Oil (Organic)
Perineal Massage Oil (Organic)
Perineal Massage Oil (Organic)
Perineal Massage Oil (Organic)

Perineal Massage Oil (Organic)

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This natural and delicate oil is safe to use for perineal massage from 32 weeks of pregnancy.  Performing perineal massage improves the texture and elasticity of the skin, reducing the risk of perineal trauma. Includes almond oil to soften the skin and retain moisture. Grapeseed oil and vitamin E helps to improve elasticity.


+ Perineal massage softens the tissues, allowing for more elasticity during labour

+ Lowers the risk of perineal tearing and requiring stitches

+ Provides flexibility and moisture to the perineal area, reducing the need for an episiotomy

+ Helps to break down any previous scar tissue, allowing the skin to be more flexible


Place one or both of your thumbs about 1 -2 inches inside your vagina. Then press along the back wall of your vagina, applying gentle but continuous pressure.  After
one or two minutes, move your thumbs outward and inward in a slow U-shaped motion. Continue for 5 minutes once daily from 32 weeks of pregnancy.

* For external use only

* Keep out of reach of children

Midwife tip

‘Soke in a warm bath before beginning perineal massage, as this will aid relaxation and soften your perineal muscles.”

- Odette


Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil (Sweet almond oil), Vitis vinifera seed oil (Grapeseed oil), Rosa canina seed oil (Rosehip oil), Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


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Made by midwives for mums

'All our midwife developed products are organic, natural, safe,  environmentally conscious, and highly effective.'

Our team believe that results can be achieved with the power of nature alone.

We do not use fillers in any of our products, meaning that almost every ingredient provides a benefit. 

this product includes:

Almond Oil

Almond oil is intensely moisturising and increases your skin's elasticity, making it effective in preventing the severity of perineal tears.


Grapeseed oil can improve the skin’s moisture, softness, and elasticity, making it a great choice for perineal massage.


Rosehip oil is extracted from the fruit of a rose bush and is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins our body needs. The scent of rosehip can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and calm.