Giving Birth During A Pandemic

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Covid-19 has impacted everyone globally, and mothers to be are no exception, especially during such potentially anxious times as going into labour. 

Giving birth is not only an experience that challenges one physically, but also mentally and psychologically. As a result of this, new mothers find reassurance in having their support system around them throughout their journey. However, due to Covid-19, future parents have had to face new distressing and perplexing restrictions. 

Stories of partners being denied the right to see the birth of their child, to comfort their other half, or being sent home as early as half an hour after the birth, has left a great impact people's lives. While football stadiums were allowed to be half full, for the general public to resume a fairly normal life, one can only try to imagine how intensely frustrated future parents were when they could not be together at such a special time. 

Going into 2022, although at the beginning of the pandemic seeing doctors, nurses and midwives wearing masks and other protective gear could be shocking, now it seems more of a sign to help and reassure families. Although friends and family may not be able to visit, many hospitals now have postnatal units with an ensuite for women. This means their partners can sometimes stay without put anyone else at risk. Many hospitals still only allow one individual birth partner to be in the room at the time of birth. However, if you require a doula that does take up the space of your friend or family member. Some hospitals are allowing two partners, check with your local unit what their current rules are as they vary from trust to trust. 

Apart from the extra health precautions to protect against Covid-19, the main goal stays the same: to keep the mother and baby safe. The significant changes are mainly the visitations, the number of staff allowed in the room, and the number of times staff can go in and out of the room. 

Despite women not being alone anymore, giving birth during a pandemic can in fact still seem daunting. At Mummy’s Organics, founded by professional midwives, we understand the stress and anxiety that comes with being pregnant. It is vitally important to try to stay as calm and relaxed as possible throughout pregnancy, and in the time leading into labour. Here are a few of our suggestions to help: 

Made with all natural, non harmful ingredients, our Birth Zen Candle is perfect to create the right ambience at home before heading to the hospital; the soothing scent of organic essential oils and the coconut wax blend will help to ease any distress and put you into a calmer state of mind. All our candle are paraffin-free  to ensure they are suitable for pregnancy and birth. 

Whilst enjoying the natural scent of the birth candle, a cup of our Birth Ready Tea, tones and strengthens the uterine walls, resulting in a potentially easier and quicker labour. Very much recommended.

Last but not least, the Mummy’s Organics Labour Massage Oil. Studies have shown that massage during labour significantly reduces pain and helps to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Our chosen blend of essential oils also contain pain relieving and calming properties. As our skin absorbs everything that we put on it, what better to put on your skin than organic botanicals and essential oils, to ensure you and your baby receive only the highest quality natural ingredients and so avoid unnecessary harmful chemicals. 

We understand that bringing new life into the world is a huge responsibility and already very stressful. However, mothers to be shouldn’t worry about Covid-19 causing issues. Millions of births have now taken place during the pandemic and your maternity team have quickly adapted to this new challenge, and you and your baby will always be their number one priority. 

We wish you a calm, smooth and easy birth, to introduce your little one into the world.

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